Weekend Favorites

Happy Weekend, everyone!  Around here, the trees have finally leafed out, and every morning a yellow dusting of pollen sits on my car.  Today is cloudy and humid, but that isn’t going to keep me inside – there are flowers to plant!  I went a bit overboard last week when I went to buy flowers, so I ran out of containers to put them in.  I guess a shopping trip is in order!

This week was a whirlwind – and I’m not really sure why – I worked, and came home.  But yesterday just as I was leaving work, I was asking myself where the week went (not that I was complaining it was Friday afternoon!)  So this weekend, I told myself that this would be a relaxing weekend.  Starting with dinner… bbq boneless pork ribs in the crock pot.  I think coleslaw on the side.  I haven’t decided if I’m up to make some corn muffins or not.

There’s really no lead in to this, so I’ll just jump right to it!  Here’s my favorite things from this week:

  • Did you see this article on HuffPost?  Apparently Disney has recycled scenes for some of their movies.  This sounds familiar, like I already knew, or perhaps I am just not surprised… but it is kinda cool to see the mash-ups.

Hope you have a wonderfully lazy weekend!




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