On Reading

So I know that I’m all about quick & easy, so it doesn’t make much sense that I’m writing about a book I just read.  “If you’re scheduling yourself so tight that you have 15 minutes for chores… how do you have time to read?”  Oh friends, but I do.  Somehow.  Between diaper changes, soccer games, and grocery shopping, I seem to have a book stuck under my nose.  I love to read.  If this makes me nerdy, then so be it!  There is nothing better than curling up under a blanket and whiling the hours away with a book.  Ok usually my sleep time is whiled away with a book.  Some days I’m sleep deprived because I stayed up late reading, and the last time I did this it was TOTALLY worth it.

Enter the last book I read, “Circling the Sun,” by Paula McClain.  She also wrote “The Paris Wife” which was amazing in its own right.  (Circling the Sun was an advanced copy provided via Net Galley)

Seriously.  You guys.  This book. One of *the* best I’ve read in a while. Paula’s writing is so vivid and poignant.  Her characters are people you can connect with, understand, and come to love.  Which is humorous because the main character, Beryl, annoyed me from page one.  She’s single-minded to the point of being selfish.  She seems to connect with people on an almost superficial level, never opening up to anyone – even those who genuinely want to be involved with her.  And throughout this book, she defies what it means to be a woman in the first half of the 20th century.  She was a woman who was well before her time, and it just never seemed to bother her.  “Yeah, I’m wearing slacks.  And?”  “I want to train horses.  I’m a woman.  And?”  She’s so strong-willed.  When life knocks her down, she gets back up and says, “Ok moving on.”  You have to admire that, especially when men everywhere were getting their due and she was constantly pushed to the sidelines because of her gender.  While she was more than able to guard everything about herself, she was continually striving to understand and love everyone around her, while taking on amazing feats that most women of the time wouldn’t dream of.  That, my friends, is Beryl Markham.  Three marriages, horse trainer, and bush pilot.

The dry savannahs, sweeping views, and lush jungles are vividly painted by Paula.   It was enough to have me researching more about Beryl and British East Africa before I was finished with the book.

If there is one book that you could read that would make you lose time, this, my friends, would be it.  Which means, I need another book to read.  Any suggestions?


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