Catching Up

So… it’s been a while, huh?  Like… an entire year.  Yeah, about that.  I had a baby… got a new job… and I guess life just got in the way of writing!  So now I have a busy 5 year old and a bouncy 7 month old. They’re both beautiful in their own ways, and sometimes I feel that my heart could burst filled with this much love.  My son loves his baby sister, adopting “Peanut” as her nickname.  I adore their sibling relationship, even now, this soon.

Now that I am even busier (how did I ever think I was busy BEFORE?!), I am constantly looking for ways to cut down on time spent doing things.  I’ve recently begun a weekly chore list, (my idea came from here) and it could be because my house is small, but I find that 15 minutes a day spent on the chore of the day really helps keep the house cleaner.  It’ll never be as clean as it was sans children, but for now I just need my inner neat freak to accept the baby gear and legos and embrace the memories that come with it all.

I’ve mentioned it before, but of course I love my slow cooker for dinners.  Usually I plan my meals with 4 or 5 slow cooker meals, and what we don’t eat, I save in the freezer.  I love being able to pull the meals out of the freezer, thaw, and serve.  How easy (and quick!) is that?

Tonight’s dinner, though not a slow cooker dinner, is a super easy and quick meal, via The Pioneer Woman (seriously, is there ANYTHING she makes that isn’t delicious?). Tonight’s dinner is Red Pepper Pasta.  I hope this makes your weekly rotation – it’s a favorite in my house!!

Happy (and Quick!) Cooking!



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