The Weather Outside is Frightful…

Snow happened Friday – one of those storms that was not on the radar, but somehow managed to dump 7″ on us in a matter of 4 hours.  Work closed early – and my normal eight-minute commute (yes, eight minutes!) turned into 20.  Slip-sliding all over the road is sure to frazzle anyone, and where I live, plows are minimal if non-existent.  However, I had more time to spend with the husband and 4-year-old, and getting out of work early on a Friday evening?  I’ll take it!  We ended up putting together a puzzle.  We’re that family.  However, the snow did inspire a meal that I’ll share later this week – stay tuned – it’s another comfort meal that everyone will love!  What did you do this weekend?

Definitely not sledding weather!


One thought on “The Weather Outside is Frightful…

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